Terms and Conditions

Rental Deposit: A 25% deposit must be paid, inclusive of fees and applicable taxes to secure the booking.

Balance of Payment: Must be paid to Beach Vybz on or before 30 days prior to arrival.

Confirmations: Within 48 hours of acceptance of the confirmed rental reservation, Beach Vybz will issue a confirmation notice either electronically or in writing.

Invoicing Errors: Upon detection of any invoicing error or inaccuracies as to any rental or accommodation fees, expenses, charges or Beach Vybz shall be entitled to reissue a corrected confirmation invoice, the terms of which all parties shall be bound.

Request for Changes: Request for changes in any reservation details, including request for extensions of holiday accommodation, number of guests to be accommodated or any other services must be made in writing to Beach Vybz.

B. Where the request is made by the guest after their arrival on island Beach Vybz shall use its best efforts to accommodate all Late Requests. However, it is agreed, accepted and understood that Beach Vybz cannot guarantee that its efforts will be successful and the late request accepted.

Cancellation Policy: Beach Vybz shall be entitled to treat any rental reservations as cancelled in the following circumstances:

1. Where Beach Vybz does not receive the requisite rental deposit.

2. Where Beach Vybz does not receive the requisite balance of the booking fees for the Services by the deadline set for the payment of such balance.

3. Where there is a failure to provide the requisite guest(s) information by the deadline provided

Cancellation due to circumstances beyond Beach Vybz’s control: In the event the previously confirmed accommodation cannot be supplied because it’s no longer available Beach Vybz will endeavor to offer an alternative accommodation.

B. Where the client accepts and the booking for the accommodation is less than the original booking fee, Beach Vybz will refund the client the difference.

C. Where the booking fee is more than the original booking fee, the difference will be due within 14 days of the offer of the alternative accommodation or the day preceding the non-refundable period, whichever is later.

D. Where the guest declines to accept the alternative accommodation the rental deposit and booking fees if any will be refunded but Beach Vybz will not meet any cost or expenses the guests may have incurred as a result of the cancellation or pay any compensation.

Termination of Booking: Beach Vybz, the property management company and the owner of the property or their delegate may evict a guest/client and terminate the booking without warning/notice should the following conditions warrant:

1. Intoxication and unsavory behaviour

2. Overcrowding - when the number of persons staying in the villa exceeds the permitted number

3. Physical or verbal assault towards staff and other guests

4. Willful damage to villa

5. Any behaviour posing a safety threat to others

6. Ignoring request to reduce excessive noise ( music or other noise)

7. Bringing on to the property illegal substances, flammable fluids, explosives and fireworks.

8. Possession of any item deemed hazardous to life, limb or property

9. Smoking within the villa

10. Having a party or event in the villa without the prerequisite written permission of the owner.

11. Guests fail to adhere to any relevant legislation, protocols or regulations issued by the Barbados Government for the occupation of the accommodation, or any additional protocols in respect of travel to Barbados, including but not limited to quarantine and testing related to Covid 19.

Beach Vybz will not be liable to make alternative arrangements for other accommodations or will it make any refund for any part of the stay or meet any cost and expenses guests may incur as a result of being evicted as a result of any item listed above.

Beach Vybz, the property management company and owner also retain the right to refuse returning guests who have engaged in conduct identified above at any of Beach Vybz’s listed properties.

Service Fee: All bookings will be subject to a mandatory service fee as prescribed by Beach Vybz.

Security Deposit and Local Charges:

A. Guest will be required to provide a credit card for the security deposit no later than 10 days prior to arrival.

B. Any damages caused by the Guest or additional charges such as concierge, incurred by the Guest will be invoiced and charged to the Credit Card presented.

C. The Security Deposit will be held until fourteen (14) days after the departure of the Guest. Beach Vybz will not be liable for any bank charges or currency exchange fluctuations incurred on the refund of the Security Deposit.

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